The Bernoulli Filter

The Bernoulli Filter is a patented self-cleaning filter for continuous filtration of liquids in pressurized systems. The Bernoulli Filter removes debris from natural water sources such as seawater or river water.

The Bernoulli Filter is designed to ensure high operational reliability and a minimum of maintenance. The cleaning principle is based on the physical law that was discovered by the well-known scientist Daniel Bernoulli in the beginning of 18:th century.

The moving disc creates a local static pressure drop, which vacuums away the debris from the filter basket. This ingenious and simple way of cleaning a filter results in stabile cost efficient cleaning operation.

The Bernoulli filter is sold all over the globe and up today our filters can be found in 64 countries worldwide. Since the introduction in 1990 has more than 1.000 units been manufactured and installed.


Bernoulli System AB is located in Lund in the south of Sweden (Skåne).

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